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Originally Posted by neilpeartjr. View Post
I personally don't think anybody should be opening for this. I mean, I think it's safe to say that anybody who's buying a ticket isn't buying it just to see Down. People have been waiting a long time for this have to sit through two bands that they may not even care about? Besides, those extra bands are probably the reason Heaven & Hell had to have their set cut short. So I say drop Down (or drop both bands), and as for Heaven & Hell, get your ass on stage early and give them fans the full show they've been wanting to see.

While i can agree on the "evening with" concept... they are playing a full show. To me the show is a very respectable length... What do you want? The guys are all almost (or already) 60-ish as far as I know, give em a break. Maiden plays like 15 songs at a headliner show and they're all 10 years younger.
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