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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
Wow, go back to listening to Alice Cooper or Lacuna Coil or fucking Shinedown or whatever it is you like, damn
Hey, fuck you. At least I have the balls to admit that bands I love aren't some infallible entities of pure awesome. And just because I enjoy something doesnít mean I need to hail it as a masterpiece.

Besides, you say that like I donít like Black Sabbath. Itís almost like the fact that my band covers Sabbath at every show (Heaven in Hell included in that) or the fact that I moderate for, or the fact that I own every single stinkiní Sabbath album (including Cross Purposes Live, which I paid $50 for Ė and please tell me that was money well spent) is conveniently forgotten.

And itís not $72 I spent for an Alice Cooper, Lacuna Coil, or Shinedown ticket for May 11th.

I listen to Heaven and Hell. I even enjoy it. But I donít worship the very sound waves that emanate from it when itís played.
2/24 - The Foundry
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