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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
Disagreed on a few accounts. First of all, Dio > Ozzy, not even the thought of a contest. I don't envy your imagination if the opening of Children Of The Sea conjures up images of Hawaii. The title track might be the quintessential metal song of all-time, and skullfucks War Pigs anyday (and the outro rules and is absolutely essential to the song).

Otherwise, nicenice
1) Well, of course Dio is a better vocalist than Ozzy (and let's face it, his career is over and he's become an embarrassment to Ozzy fans everywhere), but there are many others who are better than Ozzy. I'm talking about the bands sound. And I'm sure even HECHO will agree with me that the Ozzy years were so much more essential (and influential) than anything else. Sometimes it doesn't matter who was better at an instrument and who wasn't. I mean look at Van Halen, David Lee Roth probably isn't the singer that Sammy Hagar is, but I think there's a reason they call it 'Van Hagar.'

2) How the fuck is that acoustic outro essential to the song? I'm not talking about the fast "They say that life's a Carousel" part, I'm talking about that noodling shit that just seems tacked on.
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