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As a scholar professionally devoted to the study of social evolution and with a fair acquaintance of Darwinian evolution I must say I am completely appalled by the lack of knowledge about key facts that any person who wants to engage into a debate about evolution should know. Also the total misunderstanding of the concept of science bothers me and worries me deeply. I do not know where to begin with… this concerns me as a scholar as a social scientist.

Science is a cumulative endeavor that has broad chronological frameworks. To accuse science of not having the answers in a particular time is just silly. What cannot be explained or addressed in an efficient or convincing matter now, will be in the future. It is completely silly to pretend to equal beliefs or faith with empirically tested knowledge. There is an epistemology inherent in any scientific endeavor and for that matter Darwinian evolution is a component of that big spectrum of knowledge that can be labeled as Science. There is no epistemology in Theology there is ontology but no epistemology and it is totally irrationally to pretend to compare and antagonize two entities that do not share a common ground in the way they logically and formally operate.

And just for the record, do not make me start with the archaeological record that exists about the process of human evolution. I do not have to remind you all that I am a professional archaeologist and if anybody wants to dispute archaeological evidence with me… it can be pretty ugly.
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