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I'm not telling anyone to believe in my ideas. I am asking everyone to keep their minds open, and realize that the theory of evolution is not entirely sound, and shouldn't be taught like it is....We are just sheeple when we believe every word a scientist says, just because they are a scientist.....I believe that in this country, we need to look at scientific claims like we look at a foreign policy or a bill; with more scrutiny and skepticism.

And on the matter of bigotry and closemindedness.....

Originally Posted by zgodt View Post
On gravity -- that's exactly my point. There's no problem with you believing that gravity is caused by God. That may be reasonable and it may be true. But it sure as hell isn't science
That made it seem like you were discrediting my beliefs/ideas just because they arent science. For some reason, in my head maybe, it sounds like you offer religion as a possibility, but it is somehow less plausible because it isnt in the elite realm of 'science.'
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