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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
I dont think religion should be taught either....But I am should taught....but the theory of evolution has too many holes in it to be taught as should be presented as a possible explanation, not pure fact....thats all I'm saying.
What holes?

It's not "a possible explanation," it's the only available explanation that doesn't rely on non-scientific conjectures or mythology*.

"Pure fact" is unreasonably absolutist. It should be presented as the best available scientific explanation for the facts we can observe. It shouldn't be supplemented with so-called "alternatives" that are derived from non-science. Intelligent design may be perfectly acceptable as theology or philosophy; and it may even be true. But it can't, for example, help researchers develop new medicines; however, a proper understanding of evolutionary biology can.

(*mythology not meaning "untrue" but in the academic sense of inherited stories used by a people to explain their world.)
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