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I think that's a GREAT Heaven & Hell setlist, I am extremely pleased, especially that they are apparently doing "Lonely Is The Word" as a second encore too but Ronnie announced they couldn't last night due to curfew, so they'll probably get all that squared away. Strange opener though, they should flip "After All (The Dead)" with "The Mob Rules", that makes infinitely more sense (plus that would be my choice opener anyways, "Neon Knights" is a better encore song than to open a show with). And, as I hoped, they picked the best songs from Dehumanizer

You guys shouldn't bitch about them doing the 3 new ones, it was known all along that would be the case, no shock. I wish they wouldn't (in fact, I wish they never even recorded those songs ) and instead hit up some "Country Girl", "Turn Up The Night", and "Over And Over" in their place, but whatever.

As for the Megadeth set, I am pleased at only 2 new songs, but "A Tout Le Monde" and "Trust" need to go. How about "Set The World Afire" and "In My Darkest Hour" instead? Thank God they kept "Wake Up Dead" though, that one was on the cutting board in my mind, otherwise no surpries. "Back In The Day" would be an appropiate fill-in for "Kick The Chair" too I believe, and would also be cooler since they didn't play it on Gigantour.
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