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Originally Posted by zgodt View Post
On gravity -- that's exactly my point. There's no problem with you believing that gravity is caused by God. That may be reasonable and it may be true. But it sure as hell isn't science.

Yes, scientific progress means that theories get disproven regularly -- when better science comes along. Not when people simply decide they'd prefer to believe something else. Again, you can prefer to believe something else, and you may even be right -- but it isn't science.

No one ever observed a T Rex eating a Triceratops either, but scientists know it happened. Obviously, scientific observation can be indirect.

You should look at the theory critically and with skepticism. Of course you should. In fact, that's what good scientists always do, and have done ever since Darwin wrote The Origin of Species. I mean, it's not like people instantly embraced his conclusions; people dismissed him as preposterous! He didn't even publish his findings for over a decade because he was terrified of how people would react. But after continual reexaminations of the evidence over the past century, scientists have -- through their skeptical, critical assessment of the evidence -- come to conclude that he basically had it right.

GRAVITY IS SCIENCE!!!!! OKAY??? I am not saying it isnt science....I belive most of the explanation as to how things happen.....but there is no explanation as to why!! I am not saying God is physically pushing every single object down and it is called gravity...that is Dark Ages science.....but I cant grasp the idea that things just happen by chance.......thats if say things just happen....

I cant even think right now, to formulate the right words to explain or comprehend your sense of closemindedness and bigotry, when you say that "gravity is science, we can explain it, God does not exist." Your view of Christianity and religion as a whole just as "I dont know how it works, so God did it" is so outdated and idiotic.....No one believes that in the civilized world anymore. Today's Christian can accept the explanation of science, of gravity, of weather, of adaptation, of erosion, of nuclear physics, etc and still put some faith in a higher being....there is no harm in it....Like I said...the educated Christian can say that the "Occurence" is the what, Science is the how, and God is the why....a theory that can neither be proven entirely or disproven entirely...JUST LIKE MACROEVOLUTION!

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