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Also.......evolutionists and big bang theorists discredit Creationists ( I dont entirely believe in the Eden story, myself) they say that it is illogical to say that God (not just some ghost in the sky, you bigot) just snapped his finger and everything was made......But if you think about it.......The theory that swirling gases in the blackness spontaneously combusted and formed life (though there is a LAW that says life cannot come from nonlife) just by chance.....isnt that just as crazy? And no one has explained how those gases came about in the first place.....

Or that just by chance some organism developed a helpful mutation, and some how knew how to use that mutation for the better......Such as...if a fish was born with some primitive lungs (by chance), how would they survive in the water, and if they did somehow survived in the water (with lungs), how did they know to go onto land? And even if they could breathe, the rest of their body wouldnt be suitable for land it would take a substantial amount of time for that fishes offspring (if it had any, which is doubtful) to develop legs or another organs to survive on land.....That chance is so very unlikely......

And I thought I learned that mutations couldnt be passed through gametes, so then how could the new mutations be passed on to offspring?
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