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Originally Posted by zgodt View Post
Okay. Prove gravity. Prove that it really isn't just god shoving us back against the ground every time we jump.

Scientific knowledge comes from drawing the best possible conclusions from the best possible evidence. A lot of what we know isn't "proven" in a laboratory, and doesn't have to be. It's a matter of looking at what facts there be, and determining what explanation accounts for all of them. No alternative explanation accounts for all the facts nearly as well as evolution does, and many accepted theories in other parts of science don't account for all the facts as well as evolution does for the observable facts of biology.
I know how gravity works....but who is to say that God isnt the who/how and gravity is the what?

The best explanation may not always be the right one...many theories have been viewed as the best explanation, only to be disproven later.......I am not saying evolution isnt possible, but to say it IS the answer, is religion......and when it comes to faith, I would rather believe in a God that can grant me everlasting life and happiness then a theory that we evolved over millions of years purely by chance.

A law is something that can be observed in one has ever observed one species becoming another species.....until that happens, I will look at the theory critically and with skepticim. There are too many holes in the presentation of industrial melanism, the fossil records, the theory of vestigal organs, and speciation for the theory of evolution to be forced down the throats of our children.
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