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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
You know what'd be really cool? Instead of playing their boring old set lists for the first time somewhere, how about playing the boring old set list so people get the classics but then throwin' out a rare song. You know a, "Since we never come here" type of thing. Not like I'd ever expect something like that from Maiden, but I think that'd be a really cool thing for them do for fans in places they rarely, if ever, play.
Exactly. Though then I'd be jealous since I'm sure if they did that would include many great songs that they don't play anymore.

I have to say, there was this part of me that REALLY wished that they would've resurrected a Somewhere In Time track for the AMOLAD tour since 2006 was the 20th Anniversary of the album. Maybe I only want that since SIT is my favorite Maiden album. Who knows.
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