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Originally Posted by zgodt View Post
No one in their right mind says all you have to do is add water to a rock and voila, there's life. You're obviously exaggerating to make a point. And the point that scientists still don't really have a fucking clue how life actually started on this planet is valid. But it's not an invalidation of evolutionary theory. Whether you think that some weird and fortuitous chemical reaction produced the first single-celled organism (which -- given the billions of galaxies in the universe, each with billions of stars and planets upon which who knows how many chemical reactions have taken place over billions of years -- doesn't seem that crazy from a statistical standpoint) or if you think divine intervention produced it, the biological record still shows pretty conclusively that complex organisms evolved from simpler ones, and that we didn't just wander fully formed out of a garden with domesticated cattle and sheep at our heels.

That's an interesting point you make about the other planets in the universe. If it's true that the universe is infinite (which I believe, because if it had a finite size light would wrap around the edges and create a mirror effect, and no astronomer has ever seen this) then it would be mathematically impossible for there to not be other planets with life. Provided the process can begin without divine intervention.
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