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Originally Posted by zgodt View Post
Since you phrase it that way -- one type of arbitrary magic versus another -- I guess it's fifty-fifty. Why is a magic ghost in the sky more plausible than wet rocks suddenly getting up and doing the mambo?

Not to mention that God supposedly made Adam out of clay -- so either way, we're all just wet rocks that something happened to.

But since there's a pretty detailed fossil record that shows (for example) that there were homo habilis before there were homo erectus, but not after; and that there were homo erectus before there were homo sapiens, but not after; and since there's a definite line of descent among species that can be and has been traced through comparative analysis of DNA -- which shows (for instance) that we are much more closely related biologically to chimpanzees than we are to dolphins or elephants, even though dolphins and elephants are also highly intelligent -- then it's pretty silly to say evolution is self-evidently absurd. And since the evidence for the other side is what some book says that some dudes wrote 3 or 4 thousand years ago -- long after all those fossils were in the earth, but long before anyone knew where to find them or what they meant -- then I think you may be experiencing some confusion about the distinction between science and religion.

See above. If you think evolution is bullshit science and/or "pretty much a religion," then you simply don't understand what science is or how it differs from religion.

the thing is, i know exactly what science is, and ive yet to see real evidence that doesnt require a leap of faith to make me believe a rock can turn into a form of life and all you have to do is add water. the evolutionist uses time to fill in for anything they cant explain, which isnt scientific fact at all, just skeptisism.

im not biased to either side, but if im told to believe something i need to see the proof. similarities in bone structures and dna dont prove cross species evolution, which is nothing more then a theory sense it has never been observed. honestly i dont think there will ever be enough evidence to either prove the bible or evolution, but a theory shouldnt be taught as fact.
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