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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
1.) Heavy Metal Thunder
2.) Never Surrender
3.) Strong Arm Of The Law
4.) Witchfinder General
5.) Beyond The Grave
6.) Broken Heroes
7.) Dragon's Lair
8.) 747 (Strangers In The Night)
9.) Justice
10.) To Live By The Sword
11.) And The Bands Played On
12.) Princess Of The Night
13.) Searching For Atlantis
14.) Wheels Of Steel
15.) Flying On The Edge
16.) The Eagle Has Landed
17.) Crusader


18.) The Return / Lionheart
19.) Power And The Glory
20.) Denim And Leather

great set, but id put princess of the night as one of the encores . . . . and probably open with witchfinder general (which btw is one of the sickest songs ever)
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