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Lamb Of God -- Calgary, Canada -- March 4th, 2007

pretty sweet show all in all besides trivium. I really dont understand what all the hype is about them. I've heard some tunes by them, and the guitar playing and it didnt match up live. I would have rather listened to the shit comming out of my ass! wow I hate that band.
anyways, due to the massive long line up, i only got to see the last 2 songs by gojira. they we're definetly talented as fuck! wow. I really wish I could have caught their whole set.
MachinHead was amazing. they played 2 new tracks, and some oldies.
Lamb of god was stellar like usual, and they mixed up their setlist pretty good. the p.a blew out during laid to rest, so we got to see that song 1 1/2 times haha.
after the show was over i was quite pleased...besides from trivium. AAARRGGGHHH!

-Clenching The Fists Of Dissent
-Aesthetics Of Hate

Lamb Of God
-Again We Rise
-As The Palaces Burn
-Walk With Me In Hell
-The 11th Hour
-Now You've Got Something To Die For ( feat. Rob Flynn ) \m/
-Laid To Rest
-Blacken The Cursed Sun
-Black Label
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