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Clutch -- Orlando, Fl-- March 3rd, 2007

You can't stop progress. And that is what Clutch is. You can't stop Clutch. The hardest working band in music and to me the greatest live band in the world. I showed up to the venue 5 hours before doors opened. I even got to see Clutch rehearse "Open Up the Border" which I was extremly excited to hear because it isn't often played live and one of my favorite tracks of my favorite Clutch CD, Pure Rock Fury. The show was sold out and packed out. I was up front and dead center. I picked myself up a shirt and saw JP, Clutch's drummer, and got him to sign my Elephant Riders album. First band, Dub Trio, hit the stage at 9 and they were really good. if they got a vocalist they'd be amazing. five Horse Johnson was next and they blew the crowd away. They sounded great and got the crowd going. I knew tonight was going to be a crazy show. Then out comes Clutch. Neil walks over to the mic and goes "Good evening, we're Clutch" and bam they open with Burning Beard. The set list was incredible. Not a bad song at all. What was weird was I knew all the lyrics to the new songs and Neil kept singing them to me. It was an amzing feeling. And by far is Neil Fallon is the greatest frontman for any band you'll ever see. His hand movements to his facial expressions just show his intesity that he puts into every show. the crowd was really into it. Better then last time I saw them. The whole place was jumping. At the end I managed to get the setlist but luckily for me I knew every song anyways

Best song of the night. Progress. No doubt. It's my favorite of the new album and a classic live. Even better then on CD.

Burning Beard
The Incomparable Mr. Flannery
Child of the City
The Soapmakers
Mice and Gods
You Can't Stop Progress
Power Player
Ship of Gold
Elephant Riders
Open Up the Border
Profits of Doom
Electric Worry
One Eyed Dollar
Mr. Shiny Cadillackness
The Mob Goes Wild
Cypress Grove
White's Ferry
Gravel Road
A Shogun Named Marcus
Who's Been Talkin'

I can't wait to see Clutch again. The new CD is amazing and again Clutch showed me why they are my favorite band
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