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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
I doubt want rap to disappear, but I am would LOVE to see it disappear from MTV, MTV 2, the radio, VH1, our schools, society's fashion, etc. In today's world, the most popular people are either emo 'rockers' and gangsta rappers....Its bullshit.....

I predict emos will cry 21% more this year, and their balls will shrink 21%
I'm being serious when I say who the fuck cares? Would you rather those people be wearing Iron Maiden shirts? Would you rather MTV go back to showing metal garbage (ie crap like Warrant, which oh man... them and Poison and everybody were sooo much better than the throwaway pop garbage on there now.) Mullets used to be popular too, you know.

Does the fact that something isn't popular somehow affect your enjoyment of it?
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