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Clutch -- Columbus, OH -- February 28th, 2007

Last night I went to see Clutch on the first night of their From Beale Street to Oblivion tour, and I got something quite different than I expected, especially from the crowd there. It was an incredible show, make no mistake, but I figured that, based on the band's sound, their fans wouldn't be such 'tards and/or dicks.

First things first, I stopped at the merch table and got a badass green Clutch shirt, as well as the rare Slow Hole to China album, and a Five Horse Johnson album from a few years back. Then I went up front to the rail and settled in for nearly four and a half hours of rock and roll.

The first band up were Dub Trio, and they combined the experimental noisemaking of bands like Romance of Young Tigers with groovy drumming reminscent of funk music. Umm, sure. At least they're out there doing something different. They weren't very good in my opinion, but I have to give them credit.

Then came Five Horse Johnson: harmonica-driven, sleazy, southern rock from Toledo. Their set was incredibly tight and I regret not being able to get a setlist. The groove was incredibly tight, in the vein of faster Skynyrd songs, and the crowd was quite politely moving about in an appropriately groovy manner. That portion of the show was a highlight for me, because even though I knew FHJ were good, I didn't know how good they were. They're awesome.

Finally, Clutch took the stage and just blew the place to bits. Neil was brilliant as a frontman, probably the best one I've seen stage persona-wise (though Rob Zombie gives him competition). The crowd started getting "into it", in other words, drunkenly fighting for rail positions (and by fighting, I mean bar-brawling and punch-throwing) and crowd-surfing with large boots, causing me to duck down like a pussy every few minutes. Anyway, it didn't remove from Clutch's performance, which heavily drew from Beale Street, an album I have yet to hear in its entirety. From the live show, it's gonna be a great one though ("Get your hands off me, don't you know who I am? I'm a power player, I'm a power player!") The mix was also great, with everything coming through great except for the organ. The coolest part might have been the fact that they actually DIDN'T PLAN their encore, and the songs chosen for it weren't on the setlist. Presumably, they went backstage and just discussed what they felt like playing, then came out and played it. A big disappointment was the lack of any material from the stellar The Elephant Riders.

1. Burning Beard
2. Child of the City
3. Sea of Destruction
4. You Can't Stop Progress
5. Power Player
6. I Have the Body of John Wilkes Booth
7. Mice and Gods
8. The Devil and Me
9. Profits of Doom
10. Open Up the Border
11. Black Umbrella
12. Electric Worry
13. Mr. Shiny Cadillackness
14. The Mob Goes Wild
15. Cypress Grove (with extended jam)
16. White's Ferry
17. Gravel Road (with extended jam)
18. 10001110101
19. Who's Been Talking? (with extended jam)

Great damn show. Go see Clutch, you people!
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