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Friday: (Power Metal Night)
Masterplan (45 minutes)
Dungeon (60 minutes) (Reunion)
Nocturnal Rites (80 minutes)
Blind Guardian (90 minutes)
Edguy (2 hours)
Stratovarius (2 hours)

Saturday: (Traditional Metal Night)
Primal Fear (45 minutes)
WASP (60 minutes) (The Crimson Idol in its entirety)
Saxon (60 minutes)
Dio (90 minutes)
Riot (90 minutes) (with Mike Dimeo on vocals and Bobby Jarzombek on drums)
Queensryche (2 hours) (Operation : Mindcrime + other set consisting of all pre-Mindcrime material)

Sunday: (Special)
Helloween Reunion (90 minutes)
Reunion lineup:
Michael Kiske - Vocals
Kai Hansen - Guitars, Vocals
Michael Weikath - Guitars
Roland Grapow - Guitars
Markus Grosskopf - Bass
Uli Kusch - Drums

Avantasia I and II (2 hours)
Featuring all the guests appearing on both albums

Savatage Reunion (2 and a half hours)
Reunion lineup:
Zach Stevens - Vocals
Jon Oliva - Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Caffery - Guitars
Alex Skolnick - Guitars
Johnny Lee Middleton - Bass
Jeff Plate - Drums

Iron Maiden (3 hours)
Performing no less than 3 or 4 songs from Somewhere In Time

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