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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
Source: Blabbermouth

DT's new album is called Systematic Chaos. June release date.

In The Presence of Enemies Pt.1
Constant Motion
The Dark Eternal Night
Prophets of War
The Ministry of Lost Souls
In The Presence of Enemies Pt.2

BM says one of these songs is 25 mintues long. That's a lot of wanking, even for Dream Theater.

ADD, we need a review.
Ok, basically you've got your standard nu-prog metal album with super high-def production that's cleaner than granma's silverware cabinet, along with some emotionless castratto vocals and halfway decent riffs and ideas, marred by more wanking than a 14 year old who just discovered porn. Throw in some useless "weird" time signatures and a few futile attempts to sound heavy amidst all the King Crimson and Pink Floyd worship and you've got a Dream Theater album

Glad they already got the idiotic album/songtitle part out of the way, definitely off on a familiar foot
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