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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
pimping out cars and clothes, stop killing each other, etc...

The same person that is rollin on 20s and pimping new 100 dollar AndOnes by day, is breaking into houses and stealing copper pipes and furnaces at night.

Well that's the common stereotype put out by tv and other media, but the truth is if you're a lower class black person living in the slums you wont be able to afford spinners for your car, let alone a car to begin with, you won't be able to afford diamond encrusted teeth, and you won't be able to afford the latest pair of michael jordan basketball shoes. The people who do most of the ghetto stuff (pimping out your ride, etc) are just suburbanite kids who are too spoiled to see that their parents provided them with a better lifestyle, but instead they'll go backwards and imitate the "black ghetto" culture that the media gives them, and if they dont do that shit they get called "white".

It's just all part of media conditioning if you ask me. And I don't understand how rap stars can be considered as living a ghetto lifestyle. Is it just cause of where they were born? I was born in new york city, but noones calling me ghetto. They live a millionaires lifestyle, blowing money on expensive toys and whatnot.
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