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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
The degree of support necessary to generate merit does not disqualify the achievement itself of merit. That argument doesn't hold weight. Should NASA hire the rocket scientist who can best design the next generation space ship or hire a diverse mediocrity that balances ability with a politically correct sense of multicultural racial accounting?

How about this... would you be ready to impose racial quotas on the PGA tour? Should Q-School be about making the cut, whatever the score required, or should it be racially balanced to achieve diversity?
My short answer is twofold: First, I'm more interested in fairness than rocketry -- and if the most efficient development of the next generation space ship depends on treating people unfairly, then I'll take the less efficient development model. Second, the assumption that affirmative action promotes "mediocrity" is not borne out by experience. Why do you think so many business and industry leaders, to say nothing of the U.S. military, favor affirmative action? It's not because they love mediocrity in their employees.
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