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Originally Posted by Div View Post
Look, this country really needs to get its' shit together, and until we do that we can't possibly even consider going around playing world police. We have an economy thats slowly deteriorating (compare the value of the dollar in 2001 to the value of it today), our army is on the other side of the planet, our boarders are wide open for anyone who wants to take a short desert stroll, alot of people are fed up with the government, and we aren't viewed kindly by many other countries... I'd say that a 60 year old inciddent between china and japan is at the bottom of our list of shit to fix. Also, how can you expect to help someone else when you can't even manage yourself. If america is to play the role of helper then we need to make sure we are at full strength so we have the proper resources to help with.
I agree with you on most of that, we have alot of shit to do, and these nonbinding resolutions do nothing. This particular one is a waste, and all the ones that the Dems pass do NOTHING AT ALL.

Thats why we elected the Democrats into Congress, to fix our problems..But they wont close the borders because they will lose the 'hispanic vote', they wont bring the troops home for god knows why, and I dont even know what will fix the economy, though the Dow Jones has been rising for a while now.

Hope is lost, everything is lost.
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