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Originally Posted by IamTheMickster View Post
I pretty much agree with you on this as well.
What I do agree with, however, is "reverse discrimination" to a certain extent.
Also known as affirmative action, I believe for example that race should play a factor in giving blacks favorable entry into college over a better-qualified white student. Why? Because blacks have been discriminated against for about 500 years or so in North America. And a few years of reverse discrimination in the US will help blacks out a little bit. And a few years of this activity pales in comparison to 500 years.

First of all, the United States has only been around for 200 years, and I highly doubt the Europeans did slave traded with Native Americans they didn't know existed.

Second of all, allow me to quote Chris Rock:

"No, I don't think a black person who scored lower on a job test should get the job over a white person. But if its a tie, fuck 'em. Shit, you guys had 200 years to study for this!"
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