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Originally Posted by DreamEvil001 View Post
Yeah, that part pissed me off... they didn't start until 12:30 and did a 2 and a half hour set which was cool, but i was so tired. especially annoying since the first two bands should have been cut; they were just a waste of time. one was helmet and the other was suicide girls, which wasn't even a band, just 6 or 7 ugly chicks dancing in thongs to hard rock songs played over the PA.
We had Die Mannequin, The Suicide Girls and Sebastian Bach as opening acts. Die Mannequin wasn't bad but I didn't care for the Suicide Girls. I went there to see a rock show not a strip show. Die Mannequin was only on the tour for like 5 Canadian dates. Sebastian Bach however I was really happy to see because I was a huge Skid Row fan and even though he's not with Skid Row anymore he's still doing mostly SR material so it's basically the same thing.

I was pretty tired myself because the show let out at ten after two and the bus left at 2:20. I got downtown at three in the morning and had to walk home so I didn't get home until 3:30 in the morning and then I got up early, although slightly later than I wanted to, to buy my Slayer ticket for the February 9th show, which was awesome btw.
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