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Originally Posted by Div View Post
On the subject of anti-discrimination laws... NO! Never should there ever be a law passed to limit what a person can say. Let society shun biggotry, but it is by all means NOT the governments job to do it.
Anti-discrimination laws don't limit what a person can say. The limit what you can fire somebody for, or deny them a job for, or deny them healthcare for, etc.

For instance, racist shitheads are free to say nigger all the want, but they can't legally deny someone housing or employment on the basis of race. That's what anti-discrimination laws mean. I agree there's no room in this country for "thought police" and if someone wants to profess their fag-hate, that's their right. But should it be their right to not lease an apartment to someone gay, or not hire someone gay, or not pay medical bills for someone gay, etc.?
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