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I don't mind gays, but I see where he's coming from. Any time you're in a team, unity is number one. There can not be any animosity between teammates of any sort, otherwise you're doomed to lose.

A gay player in the locker room would make teammates (i.e. Tim Hardaway) supremely uncomfortable. And anytime there's this lack of harmony in the locker room because some John Amaechi is busy staring at the cock of the backup small forward, that teammate needs to consider showering alone.

Imagine if you were in a team of fit, toned girls. It would be hard to keep your dick in place wouldn't it? That's most likely the mentality of a gay athlete - the sweaty, muscular guys turn them on as much as Brazilian Beach Volleyballers turn us on.

Gay athletes are unfortunately a no-no. I'm all for gay marriage and pride and stuff, but there's a line you have to draw. If I saw a teammate checking out my hefty package, I would feel awkward, and it would affect my performance in the game.
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