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Tim Hardaway, rectally speaking

With his recent homophobic comments as an exception, I always thought of this athlete as quite a pretty funny, gifted human being. Especially appealing I think were his years as a part of the Golden State Warriors...wispy comments such as "I got skills!" and his "killer crosscrossover" move with Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin.

Anyone here forgive him foir speaking his heart the other day?
Anyone accept his apology? Anyone offended?

Anyone think he'd be a welcome attendee at a Maiden concert? I feel that Maiden fans would be pretty open to having a bruddah at enjoy the show.

Although as an actuality, the Miaden show Hot Turkey Ed and I went to at the Shoreline a few years ago there weren't many brothers in attendance.

In my opinion, we should applaud the newspapers for making a few more advertising dollars by executing this story. And in general, we shouldn't pay much attention to has-been athletes' opinions. After all, who really should care about what an athlete thinks about society? All I wanna do is watch them play, and congratulate them for joining a union that pays such good retirement benefits. Sheesh.
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