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Thumbs down Anti-Valentine's Day thread

Stupid fucking holiday. I made a "Fuck Valentine's Day" playlist

1. The Dresden Dolls- Dirty Business
2. The Offspring- Self Esteem
3. Jay-Z- 99 Problems
4. Green Day- Don't Wanna Fall In Love
5. Johnny Cash- Cry, Cry, Cry
6. Jawbreaker- Sluttering (May 4th)
7. Fall Out Boy- The Carpal Tunnel of Love
8. Anal Cunt- The Only Reason Men Talk To You Is Because They Want To Get Laid, You Stupid Fucking Cunt
9. Brand New- Seventy Times Seven
10. Children of Bodom- She Is Beautiful
11. Matt Skiba- Good Fucking Bye
12. Say Anything- Every Man Has a Molly
13. The Living End- Tainted Love
14. Quasi- Drunken Tears
15. Slayer- Necrophiliac
16. Weezer- Pink Triangle
17. Sleater-Kinney- One Song For You
18. Tenacious D- Fuck Her Gently
19. Queensryche- I Don't Believe In Love
20. Motorhead- Be My Baby
21. The Darkness- Get Your Hands Off My Woman
22. Against Me!- Cavalier Eternal
23. Bon Jovi- You Give Love a Bad Name
24. Pig Destroyer- Restraining Order Blues
25. Blink 182- Voyeur
26. Dropkick Murphys- The Dirty Glass
27. Kanye West- Gold Digger
28. Millencolin- Killercrush
29. Strung Out- Razor Sex
30. Def Leppard- Bringin' On the Heartbreak
31. The Vandals- Jackass
32. Authority Zero- Superbitch
33. Ben Folds- Bitches Ain't Shit
34. Alkaline Trio- Radio

They're all either bitter, pissed off break up songs, have titles that kind of fit with the theme, or are just funny. So, bitch about Valentine's Day, make your own playlist, or whatever.

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