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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
That is very true. I like Mastodon, seen them twice, I have their shirt and two wristbands...they are a great band, fresh, cool songs, funny guys......But I am getting sick and tired of all the fucking worship. They are not the future of metal, because metal never died and it never got old...Maiden, Sabbath and Priest founded metal, and they are still around. No one band 'made' metal and no one band can carry metal into the future. Sure, I say fuck the numetal, screamo, psuedo-metalcore stuff...whatever...but we dont need a torch-carrier for metal, because true supporters of the scene will never die out...I am tired of seeing Mastodon all over MTV2...Some say grunge and nu-rap-metal killed real metal in the 90s and 2000s, but that isnt true. Metal has stayed strong for 4 decades, and we dont need some new band like Mastodon to re-energize the scene.

More power to the guys in the band for what they do, but their fans (alot of fuckheads and punks at their show Thursday) and the "new metal generation" chanters need to get over themselves.

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