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It was a good night for me too....

As I was walking in, I passed Brent on his phone...and as we were waiting for Converge to come on, we yelled at Brann and he waved to us When Mastodon went on, this kid (he looked like Addi, and about the same age, actually) ran up and proceeded to shove me off the rail, just to let another punk and his girl get up close. I had no problem with that, but then the jackasshole began to do the standing "worm" and whipped his body into me repeatedly, forcing me farther back. THEN he kicked me in the leg numerous times, never once looking back at me to apologize. He then left and let another kid take his spot, and that was cool. Then he forced his way BACK up to the front, hitting every person he passed....Punks like that make me sick....

.I enjoyed Mastodon more because I was more familar with their stuff, Priestess WERE better than The Bronx, and...Converge are officially the worst band I have ever seen live...their fans are such punks, their singer is awful and his stage persona is nothing short of retarded. The guitarist was okay, as was the drummer, but as a whole the band was terrible.

I saw a man peeing in a sink.

I stood next to Brad as he joked with Brann and the Priestess guy. And contrary to what Brad said, he and Brann werent walking out 'together' per se. Our clan was leaving, and Brann just happened to be walking outside too. Sorry to de-romanticize it for ya.
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