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Mastodon -- Columbus, OH -- February 8th, 2007

Last night I saw Mastodon for the second time in five months, with Priestess and Converge as support. I'd say that this experience was better than the first time I saw them, for a few reasons.

First of all, Priestess were great, whereas The Bronx were terrible back in September. I may pick up the Priestess debut, and it would be morally wrong of me not to because I told their singer I would. I don't have the setlist, but they had a great set save for the boring drum solo that ripped off John Bonham six ways to Sunday.

Converge still sucked. Not much to say there.

Mastodon were even better than the first time I saw them; everything really clicked. Opener "This Mortal Soil" set the pacing for the show quite poorly as I expected, but it came together before long and the whole place was going nuts and shouting along. Highlights of their set for me were "Mother Puncher", which has perhaps become my favorite Mastodon song other than "Hearts Alive" (which was also great) and "Blood and Thunder" for the incredible shoutalong. The guys played the first minute or so of "Hearts Alive" but Brent's guitar went out and he got mad and threw it off stage. Then Bill came over and audibly told him, "Dude, that was my guitar." I nabbed a set from a roadie, though I believe it's the same as the ones we have:

1. This Mortal Soil
2. The Wolf Is Loose
3. Crystal Skull
4. Capillarian Crest
5. I Am Ahab
6. Sleeping Giant
7. Circle of Cysquatch
8. Iron Tusk
9. March of the Fire Ants
10. Where Strides the Behemoth
11. Mother Puncher
12. Aqua Dementia
13. Bladecatcher
14. Colony of Birchmen
15. Megalodon
16. Blood and Thunder
17. Hearts Alive

The best part of the night, however, was after the show. While waiting at the merch table, the singer/guitarist from Priestess pointed out the Genesis patch on my jacket, and we bantered about Genesis for a few minutes, then Brann Fucking Dailor came out and saw it. The three of us talked Genesis for a couple of minutes, which absolutely made my night, because I had already known that Brann held The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway in as high of regard as myself, if not higher, considering it his all-time favorite album. We proceeded to make Genesis in-jokes that any passerby would have shaken their head at. How fun.

Then, as Brann and myself were leaving the venue, a bootleg t-shirt salesman picked us off, and, not recognizing Brann, tried to sell him a bootleg Mastodon shirt. And he fucking bought one.

What a night.
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