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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
If any of you saw the commercial wear the two mechanics kiss while eating the same Snickers bar, then rip their chest hairs to become more 'manly'...and another version where they fight each other and football players 'react' to the scene, here is the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, blah blah groups response

get over is a harmless joke.....You and your 'more gays on primetime' and 'no spanking' laws can jump off a cliff
I agree with them. That commercial was a bunch of shit. Even if it weren't for the homophobic undertones, the whole "OMG I'M SO MANLY" macho horseshit would have been enough to make me change the channel.

The suicidal robot one was fucked up too. "Look, one of our employees got laid off, and committed suicide. AREN'T WE HILARIOUS?!" Everyone in my apartment was drinking, carrying on, and laughing, but when that commercial came on everyone got quiet and we were like "Well fuck, that was depressing as hell."

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