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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
What? I spent a whole lot of time outside in 2002. I think I more than lived up to that one. I've always been known for taking bike rides, and well into winter. I figured I'd just make my friends think I was even crazier by taking a bike ride on January 1 of that particular year. I would never do something like that again though, because it's not really safe. The roads were icey, and it was snowing. I live in the country, so I can hear and see what's coming, but still, it's not easy for others to see me, and there have been many times where I've ended up in a ditch because I didn't want a ride on somebody's car

More then likely you should've asked where I was on January 1, 2007, because I probably need that bike ride now more then I did five years ago

Oh. For some reason, I thought you said "I made a resolution in 2002 and I haven't done it until last month."

Once again, I'll blame this on the weather.
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