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Originally Posted by neilpeartjr. View Post
Somebody else also said that this might be Sharon trying to divert anyone's attention away from Heaven & Hell.

I doubt that very much. She's running a festival. They're just another touring band. They'll probably be touring once Ozzfest is already over in the US and it's not like Ozzfest typically goes anywhere but the US, so I'm not sure I see the conflict. And hey if it's true, we only stand to win, because hopefully the H&H tour will have reasonable pricing. I'll pay whatever it costs to Sabbath with Dio, but it'd be sweet to not go broke in the process

That said, um, so she's not paying the headlining bands. Well no shit, she's not charging ticket prices either. The bands will be making money the same way she is... merchandise. So in that respect, I don't really have any problem with what she is doing.
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