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Originally Posted by neilpeartjr. View Post
Well he seems to think that Maiden sold solely on shock value, so I would consider any Maiden opinion irrelevant.
What in the bluest of blue hecks have you been smoking. I never said Maiden sold purely on shock value - they have great music. But don't pretend that the countless 666 chants and Eddie on the covers didn't aid the sales of some albums...

Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I have about 1000x more respect for a band that is great live than one that can release a great album.
Let's see... live you have a visual and audio element to represent, but furthermore, when you play live, you have one chance to get it right, as opposed to the studio, where you eseentially have as many chanes as you need to get something right. The right studio knowledge and producers can make terrible bands sound good in the studio, whereas who you really are comes out live, along with the skills you have don't have.
Yes, you are right. They can make terrible bands 'sound' good. But are the producers and mixers the ones who write the songs/albums? No. They may have some creative input, but ultimately it's up to the artist to make his/her own music. For example, I don't like a few bands, but heck yea, their albums have excellent production and a glossy sound, but I don't like the music. It doesn't matter if it was recorded in a studio, a house, a barn, King Tut's tomb, the land of fruity queers, or Noah's fricking Ark. If the music is good, all that the executive producers can do is clarify the sound and make it sound bigger. And how do you account for thousands of bands with craphole production that have written some of Metal's greatest hymns? I'm not going to credit Mr. Can'tmixanalbumtosavemylife with Emperor's finest works, Darkthrone's biggest albums, or Bathory's mightiest mammoths. The band wrote the music, they are the one's who you judge.

And as for live, it's up to you. If I watch a band play crappily live, I won't like it. But humans make mistakes sometimes, and we're born to screw up from time to time. If you don't like listening to a band live, does that mean you're never going to listen to their marvellous studio albums ever again? I'm sure you're a big Stratovarius fan - well I heard they suck massive balls live. If that influences you buying their STUDIO albums, then I think that's the stupidest thing ever said since the dawn of time.
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