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Originally Posted by overkiller View Post
One of your favorite artists, or a single artist you just talk about liking because Emperor used his art?
no...actually, I was on a website dedicated to Dante's Inferno, trying to clarify some points of the book, and I came across the gallery section, and notice almost half of the scene illustrations were done by Gustave Dore. They were very well done, so I did a search of his name, and came across a page dedicated to his artistry....I was halfway through the page, admiring the Dante drawings and his "Jacob Wrestling the Angel" (that Pavo had talked about many times on here), in the bible section, and when I clicked a hotlink that alluded to one of the horsemen of the apocalypse, the Rider picture popped up..

Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon (Gustave Dore)

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