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Geezer Buttler Interview On HEAVEN & HELL Tour

Source: Classic Rock Revisited

It's a long one... here's a snip:

Jeb: Ronnie is a leader of a band and Tony is the leader of a band. How are you going to handle having two top dogs?

Geezer: That is why we are doing this as a one-off thing. We will do ten months of touring and the CD. It was more difficult when it was an ongoing thing. It was hard to keep the two egos in check. This time everyone knows it is only for ten months. We are all looking forward to going out and playing the songs and then that is it.

Jeb: In 2007, how different is it being in a band compared to 1977?

Geezer: I think we all respect each otherís musicianship now. I donít tell Tony what to play and we donít tell Ronnie what to sing. We respect each otherís input, which gets rid of a lot of problems in a band. It really does avoid a lot of headaches. We also respect each otherís privacy and space. We are more mature in our outlook. We are looking at this as a ten-month project and that is it. Hopefully, we end up friends.

Jeb: So, I can assume that you are not going to let Ronnie mix the three new songs then.

Geezer: [laughter] I am staying well away from that one!
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