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Thumbs up Protest the Hero

Very rarely do you find a band at the tender age of 18/19 who play instruments, sing, and drum as though they'd been playing for centuries. Protest the Hero are a cerebral Progressive/Metal/Punk band who's concept CD Kezia is absolutely breathtaking. The concept is about this girl (Kezia) who's been sentenced to Death Row and the reactions from the prison priest, the prison guard, and Kezia herself.

This album contains some absolute blinding songs, with fantastic vocals and mindblowing lyrics that will make you cry. The ending climax to 'She Who Mars the Skin of Gods' is right up there with Hallowed be thy Name and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. The intro to 'Heretics and Killers' will make you break small childrens' backs. And the melodies in lead single 'Blindfolds Aside' will kill you, resuscitate you, kill you again, and then pee on you from the top of K2.
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