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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
these are pretty recent..I dont know how influential they can be, at this point in time.

Though they all kick ass
I don't know why you have Sons Of Northern Darkness up there since its really not THAT recent (it was released before I was into metal we'll say), but of the other ones, yeah definitely. But that doesn't mean they aren't highly impacting for me. People change constantly, I could hear an album tomorrow and thrust it up into this list. It's all about what you feel from the combination of the lyrics, the concepts, the music itself, the emotions, where you are at that point in your life, the memories that listening to those record invoke, all those things are equally important. It's not a clear cut list at all, just the ones that stand clearly above the rest in how they've helped shape my life. My thoughts and actions all reflect in some way on those albums in particular, although I think its obvious that we are influenced somehow by everything we hear or see or do, etc. Music is so important to me though, therefore I can be more selective in choosing what influences and impacts me more than in other aspects of life that have bearing on who I am.

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