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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
You seem to be talking about (relatively, for metal I mean) "big name" bands. I'm talking about the shows they do at Bottom Of The Hill, 12 Galaxies, even Slims, places like that. There's a ton of bands in this area constantly doing shows. If you want I know of a place that keeps a pretty good itinerary of shows going on here, spanning every range pretty much of rock/metal acts. I know you are more down with the acts on a national/international scene, but there's so much right here in our immediate area.
Big name bands for metal. Sometimes I wonder how some of these touring bands even put gas in their transportation. San Francisco is a bit far (not so immediate for me) and costly (gas/parking) for frequent hangouts, so I don't make it up there often for the local scene. I usually encounter local bands when they open up for bigger acts... I have a nice little collection going of music from them. I may check out some Cave productions soon... the price is certainly right.
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