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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
Apparently you might not have your eyes open. There are shows around here almost constantly, it makes my head spin and at the same time feel so upset that I can't make any of them Not a lot of people are familiar with the Bay Area scene on this board, but it's actually thriving pretty well in the underground circles. Hell, even on the more knowledgeable metal scale, there's at least a show per week worth watching. You just need to be more aware I think, that or have broader tastes, because where most of the shit is going down is in the doom/sludge/black/thrash arena. The Bay Area scene is definitely strong as it has been since the 80's I think, looking at the amount of shows there are and the talent of bands in this area. Sadly lots of people are oblivious to it. Their loss I guess.
Insipid Productions has exactly one show on its schedule. Savage Productions has a couple scheduled out through March. Where did all the $10-$15 Pound shows go? The Metro? Not really? Bourbon Street in Concord? A couple? The Cave in San Jose puts on all ages shows but they're aren't exactly importing Scandavian Metal... mostly local and regional acts playing in various South Bay churches and community centers.

The Pound was part of a regional circuit. Often, routing would go from The Boardwalk up in Sac to the Pound down to LA at the Key Club or similiar size venue. Ditto for the Warfield to down the House of Blues. Danzig played Santa Cruz during his two week Black of The Black. The Jager tour with Stone Sour and Lacuna Coil is skipping our market entirely. A little odd...

How underground do you really need to go? Garages? Basements? All local bands? Can you tell me who is promoting all these shows you mentioned? The venues?

My last show was Dark Funeral & Enslaved. Before that, Celtic Frost & Goatwhore. You know my love for power cheddar. That's a very broad metal range in my book. I'm missing a ton of reviews but there's no one here that can substantively dispute my credentials based on show attendance, either in our area or Southern California and beyond.
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