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Question "Heavy Metal Is Evolving, Not Dying"

Source: Blabbermouth, Austin Porter of The Daily O'Collegian

Blabbermouth is featuring an article from Austin Porter The Daily O'Collegian about the evolution (not death) of heavy metal. Austin uses Atreyu, Trivium, and Killswitch Engage as examples of bands pushing metal forward. Yes, his list reads like there has been too much Headbanger's Ball in his diet; I couldn't disagree more. Bands like Mastodon are the ones really driving metal; progressive will be next big thing, not something that is babysteps away from the dying metalcore scene.

However, the headline is what caught my eye. In our market (the San Francisco Bay Area), there are fewer and fewer metal shows. Even when the Pound was open, the last couple of months weren't exactly that active. It makes me think metal isn't as strong in 2007 as it was in 2005. What's it like where you live?
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