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Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
Yes...thats totally right...I am mentally handicapped...mentally (and legally)unfit to drive, vote, and reproduce.......You caught me.....

I have Metalcoritis...thats it.... I like cake


The jackass way in which you treat me is getting very old, Addison.
Christ you need your ass kicked

The real world doesn't revolve around Internet message boards Making character judgments on a person based on what they absent-mindedly type on some forum definitely shows some insecurity and at least some kind of mental issue. Fucking relax, how can I treat anyone a certain way anyways, these are just posts Not even like real tangible words, its on a fucking computer screen. I come here to write about my opinions on music because I cant express them as often as I'd like to in the real world because theres not a whole lot of people I know who love metal and music as much as I do, I'm not here to make friends or be politically correct or anything like that. This isn't fucking MySpace or something.

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