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Originally Posted by MetalDrummer888 View Post
1. Iron Maiden-A Matter of Life and Death
- It has grown on me A LOT . . . i fully support its position on the list.

2. Mastodon-Blood Mountain
- i should probably at least listen to song off this album at some point . . .

3. Amon Amarth-With Oden On Our Side
-Amon Amarth are rather boring, and very untalented . . . but they do have some good songs, i find it hard to believe that this albumss cored so highly

4. Queensr˙che-Operation: Mindcrime II

5. Blind Guardian-A Twist in the Myth
-this album is the shit. At first i hated it, but i keep discovering more things i love about it. A think in maybe a year it will be my favorite power metal album

6. Edguy-Rocket Ride
-Edguy impress once again, and props for the totally new direction. FUCKING WITH FIRE!!!!

7. I-Between Two Worlds
-This album as a great, rich texture to it, but i would hardly call it interesting . . . except for Storm I Ride and Cursed We Are, which are badass

8. Tool-10,000 Days
-i dont like tool

9. Circle II Circle-Burden of Truth
-wtf is this? if id known some crap like this would have gotten onto the top 10 maybe i would have actually voted!!

10. Slayer-Christ Illusion

Yes, the Blind Guardian rocks.
Have you even listened to the Circle II Circle... it's not crap
Hey, you scratched my anchor!
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