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Ok here is my Cradle of Filth review:

What a day it was!! First, on the way to pick up my ex, my car dies in her driveway....fucking altanator goes...great! So we call my buddy's Mom, and she agrees to rent us a car for the show. We go to get the rental, they won't rent to us because his Mom only has a debit card. So after about an hour of thinking, my ex's Mom agrees to let us use her old ass Blazer. So we finally get to the venue.....2 hours late!! Missed 3 Inches of Blood (pissed!!), and when we arrived, The 69 Eyes were almost done (no big lose). So I got a beer and found a spot for Cradle.

They started with the intro to the new CD, and then played the first track, "Dirge Inferno". I do not like the new album, and sadly they played like 6 songs off of it!! Dani Filth also says dumb things on stage haha.

After the show, we waited out back for about an hour...finally the band came out. Dani Filth came out and signed everyone's stuff and got pics with everyone. So then we made our way back to our car, where we were robbed at gun point!! What a day!!!!!!
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