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Nobody except Jeff #1 has The Chance... or any songs off Pink Bubbles for that matter. I'm quite upset. Quite an underated album IMO, and along with The Dark Ride is one of the only post-Kai albums I like.

But TheClansman1114 has the right idea with the lineup. I could definately go for a 3-guitar band and have Roland Grapow out to do a few songs. In this case, since Kiske, Grapow, and Kusch would all be on stage, a performance of Masterplan's "Heroes" would seem almost obligational.

Also, I think it would be DAMN cool to have Kai and Kiske do a 2-part vocal for Victim of Fate, for example:
Kai: "Fly High"
Kiske: "Touch the Sky"
Both (harmonized): "Never know the reason why it ends"

You get the idea.

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