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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
So you like the last two albums better than their other shit? What. The. Fuck.

And how is Anders so different from the majority of the other growlers, fuck it's nothing special but neither are the majority of those type of vocalists.
Scratch that, my bad, I meant Reroute to Remain and Come Clarity. Soundtrack to Your Escape was almost entirely bad.

And yeah, because the two albums I just mentioned have some degree of enjoyability--catchy, chorus-driven modern rock that sounds good to me is preferable to just bad Maiden rehashes that don't make much sense or grab me in any way. Neither is really very artful or important, but hey, I don't really listen to In Flames.

And Anders' old stuff sounds awful to me. He's like the death growl equivalent of whining. He more or less pulls off the hardcore/modern rock style well nowadays I think, though.
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