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If you know me, the only Helloween that exists to me is Walls of Jericho up to Keeper II, and since this is a "dream" setlist, I cut that Heckoween nonsense out. I refer to Helloween without Kai Hansen as "Heckoween" in case you were wondering. And I am very strongly opionated on that matter. Also, I listened to the set before posting it, it flows quite nicely.


Vocals: Michael Kiske
Guitar/Vocals: Kai Hansen
Guitar: Michael Weikath
Bass: Markus Grosskopf
Drums: Uli Kusch

* Indicates Kai on lead vocals

1.) Walls of Jericho/Ride the Sky*
2.) Future World
3.) Save Us
4.) Warrior
5.) Twilight Of The Gods
6.) Cry For Freedom
7.) A Tale That Wasn't Right
8.) Dr. Stein
9.) Murderer
10.) Rise and Fall
11.) Happy Halloween/Starlight*
12.) I'm Alive
13.) A Little Time
14.) How Many Tears
15.) March of Time
16.) We Got the Right
17.) Eagle Fly Free
18.) Keeper of the Seven Keys

(Encore 1)

19.) Heavy Metal (Is The Law)*
20.) Halloween
21.) Victim of Fate

(Encore 2)

22.) I Want Out

If that set ever happened, I would probably die from excitement (after the show that is).
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