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Metal Church -- Mokena, IL -- January 16th, 2007

Tour: A Light In The Dark Tour 2007
Headliner: Metal Church
Support: Meliah Rage, Various Local Bands
Venue: The Pearl Room, Mokena, IL
Date: January 16th, 2007

I had not seen Metal Church since 1992 when they opened for Metallica on the second leg of the Black Album tour. So this seemed like a good time to check them out again. Jeremy Saal and I made the 2.5 hour journey to the southwest suburbs of Chicago on what turned out to be a very cold winter night. The venue seemed to have doors open all night so it was not much warmer inside. But our first show of 2007 turned out to be a good one.

Venue Report:
The Pearl Room is a fairly typical club. It is pretty much just a bar and a stage. The floor probably holds around 600 people and the stage is a little smaller than average. The sound was pretty good though, except that the vocals were a little low.

Show Report:
The venue booked three opening acts and then added a fourth the week before the show. So we decided to go a little later than usual to hopefully miss a couple of the openers. As luck would have it, they started the show an hour later than listed and we had to stand through all of the opening bands. I think that this also affected the Metal Church set which was a little shorter than I thought it would be. They played a solid set that was mainly filled with classics. I was a little surprised that they only played four songs from their two most recent releases “A Light In The Dark” and “Weight Of The World.” The stage show itself was fairly basic due to the small stage. But the band was having fun even though the venue and the crowd were both fairly small. What is really amazing is that the band is playing 37 nights in a row before taking a couple of days off in February. It was a great show and the highlights for me were “Badlands,” “Mirror Of Lies” and “Beyond The Black.” I definitely look forward to seeing Metal Church again.

Set List:

01. A Light In The Dark
02. Fake Healer
03. Ton Of Bricks
04. Start The Fire
05. Leave Them Behind
06. Watch The Children Pray
07. Mirror Of Lies
08. The Dark
09. Cradle To Grave
10. Date With Poverty
11. Gods Of Wrath
12. Badlands
13. Beyond The Black
14. Metal Church

15. Highway Star

(1 Hour 30 Minutes)

Vocals: Ronny Munroe
Guitar: Kurdt Vanderhoof
Guitar: Jay Reynolds
Bass: Steve Unger
Drums: Jeff Plate
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